6 Hacks To Write SEO Blog Post Articles Faster

Did you know that there are people out there who are still wondering why blogging is an important aspect of today’s social media marketing environment?

No matter how big your company is, blogging is an integral part of your online content marketing strategy. There are several benefits that come with blogging, including:

  1. Drive traffic to your website
  2. Increase your SEO/ SERP
  3. Position your brand as a leader in your industry
  4. Develop better customer relationships
  5. Create content for social media
  6. Generate leads
  7. Blog posts drive long-term results

But with the importance of content in general, you will want to make sure that you focus on being able to create SEO blog posts for your website. After all, all that content marketing starts there. You want to find ways to get those articles out there faster so you have more people coming to your website. The more traffic you get, the more sales will eventually follow.

How do you write SEO blog posts article faster? The folks over at SEMrush have created the following infographic that will help out!

They cover the following:

  1. Start with a thorough keyword research
  2. Fill in your content calendar
  3. Create your content outline
  4. Write your first draft only when you’re ready to
  5. Wait for some time before sending your copy to a proofreader
  6. Make and go through an SEO checklist

Scott Davenport

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