5 Important Twitter Marketing Tips You Can Use To Maximize Your Holiday Sales Push

As we head into the holiday season, are you wanting to get your Twitter marketing going strong for your HVAC business? If so, you\’ll want to stick around and see if there’s something you can use out of the following tips.

Despite the platform not having the biggest userbase (compared to the likes of Facebook, as an example), it can still be enough to get your holiday marketing a real boost. Did you know that industry leaders and journalists using Twitter as a key research and outreach tool?

If you follow the link above, here’s some interesting information you may want to look at if you’re not convinced:

According to data from Twitter, Pew Research, Sparkler and YouGov, Twitter says that

  • 85% of people on Twitter watch, read, or listen to the news at least once a day
  • 83% of people on Twitter Tweet about news
  • 55% of people on Twitter get their news from Twitter, more than other social media platforms
  • More than 80% of young journalists rely on Twitter for their jobs
  • 62% of Twitter news consumers say “Twitter helps me find new news outlets to follow”

According to Social Media Today, here are five key Twitter best practices you should be thinking about when using Twitter during the holidays:

  1. Research relevant hashtags
  2. Research your target accounts
  3. Tweet structure
  4. Best times to tweet
  5. Professional Profiles

Make sure to check out Social Media Today’s article to get all of the details on each of these best practices.

Scott Davenport

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