13 Local Marketing Strategies That Work

Thanks to the internet we have today, and the increase in technological advancements, people are finding the services they need are different from what they needed in the past. Back in the day, businesses used word of mouth and referrals, but these days, these just aren’t as useful as they used to be. Now, they’re switching local marketing efforts to get the attention of their target audiences, and it’s working.

What is local marketing?

In a nutshell, local marketing is using advertising efforts within a targeted location surrounding the business itself, and can be either online or offline.

Search Engine Journal covers some of the online marketing tactics and strategy they’ve used with great success in reaching a local audience.

The tactics they cover includes:

  1. Optimizing for local search
  2. Local reviews from local customers
  3. SEO optimization of your website
  4. Creating localized content
  5. Reviewing your websites design
  6. Integrating CRM tools
  7. Attracting local visitors through Google Ads
  8. Feeding the funnel with remarketing
  9. Getting the phone with Google call-online ads
  10. Insisting on CRO-Optimized landing pages for each campaign
  11. Leveraging social media
  12. Videos that covers your homegrown story
  13. Offline activation and events

For the full details on each tactic, check out the SEJ article here!

Scott Davenport

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