YouTube Rolls Out Copyright Checks Tool, Which Analyzes Your Video Prior to Upload, to More Users

Do you upload videos dedicated to HVAC? If so, I’m sure at some point, there might have been a time when YouTube has copyrighted or flagged a video or two. That’s never fun. But, YouTube has been working on a solution for that.

Recently, YouTube did a small-scale test of it’s pre-publish Checks tool in February. Now, the company is expanding the roll-out of the tool.

The purpose of the tool is to look at the content of your video (for a range of possible violations, such as copyright concerns), analyzing it before publishing the clip.

YouTube Checks

It can take anywhere between a few minutes to a half an hour in order for the tool to analyze your video, and if it finds any errors or issues, it’ll send you an alert. If something is found, then it’ll let you address or investigate it before the video becomes published.

If you take all the necessary steps if you do get an error, this will hopefully help you avoid copystrikes later on.

Source – Social Media Today

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