Why Is Guest Blogging The Worst Link Building Strategy

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If your business website has a blog, you’ve probably already gotten requests from others to post their content on your blog as a guest blog entry. It’s easy to think that it’s great because it gives you more content for your own blog, and it’ll be great for the one who wrote the content since it can give them more links.

But to Alexandra Tachalova, it seems that this isn’t really the case. She started out guest blogging to get links back to her site, but it seems it didn’t really work the way. There were downsides to writing guest blogs. It can be expensive. You won’t always get the links you were hoping for. The links you do receive won’t always be the high-quality links you are looking for.

So what’s the positives behind guest blogging? Of course, there’s always going to be positives, but you have to accept the fact there will be negatives as well.

Check out Alexandra’s full Search Engine Journal’s post here for all the details.

Scott Davenport

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