Which 10 Social Media Myths Could be Damaging Your Business? (Infographic)

Social media has played a crucial role in communication for over a decade. As time has passed, new trends have emerged and best practices have evolved. However, some outdated, misinterpreted, or incorrect tips and advice have taken hold, making it challenging to determine the correct approach.

Believing in these social media myths can be detrimental to your business, leading to poor decisions, missed opportunities, and wasted resources. By falling for these myths, businesses risk losing out on the benefits that social media can offer and falling behind competitors who use these platforms effectively.

However, it\’s important to note that what works for one target audience may not work for another. Understanding your audience through trial and error is crucial.

Social media advisor Angie Gensler emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your audience. Gensler has compiled a range of social media tips and provided a counterpoint for each, which could be valuable in developing your social media strategy.

You can check out more of Gensler’s advice on this here.


Scott Davenport

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