What Should You Do About Old Quality Content On Your Site?

Your site has been around for a while, and you’re always adding new pages, creating blog posts, and in general, just adding new content all the time. But with the addition of new content, and you don’t do anything with the old content, it’ll just sit there getting stale and potentially out of date.

In this case, what should you do with that older content? Should you delete it? Update it? Or leave it be?

Google’s John Mueller was asked about what you should do with the old, low quality content that is residing on your site.

John answered the question in two parts:

  1. First, he focused on if the content is considered low quality simply because it was old
  2. Secondly, he discussed what you should do if the the content was actually low quality in the first place.

You can think of this whole topic as good housekeeping for your site’s content. You want to be sure that everything is kept up and pretty. Making sure that the content present on your site is as up-to-date as possible so visitors to your site will have access to the best information possible.

Check out the post below, which can be found on Search Engine Journal.

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Scott Davenport

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