What Is Thought Leadership Content, And How Do You Use It?

In every market, industry and business, you’ll find somebody who wants to be considered a thought leader, but what exactly is a thought leader?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, thought leadership is defined as “the practice of developing important new ways of thinking that influence others.” SEMrush says that thought leadership is “the delivery of authentic and genuine content that uses the expertise, insight, and experience of the author, with the goal of sharing that wisdom with others.” Basically, it’s all about creating value, building knowledge and taking a stand.

With thought leadership, you can put that to use in the content you present to your audience, whether it’s on social media, or on your website or blog. If it’s done right, thought leadership marketing can help your business maintain authority in your industry.

But keep in mind it’s a strategy you have to earn. It takes time to get people at a place where they’ll consider your content actual though leadership content.

If you’re at a spot in your industry where your brand has earned that spot as a thought leader, then Search Engine Journal has an article that’ll help you get started with thought leadership content.

Check out the article over here if you want to know how you can use it!

Scott Davenport

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