What Can You Do To Improve Your Google Keyword Ranking

Right now, somewhere in the world, somebody wants to find a business just like yours and purchase an product or take advantage of a service. Basically, the need a solution, and you very well could be the answer they’re looking for.

The only question is, will they find your business, or will they end up finding a direct competitor, giving them their business instead of you. That isn’t something you want.

One of the ways people find any business is through search engines like Google. The best way to be found on Google is being one of the top links on page one. If you’re at the bottom of that page, or even worse, on page two, then you’re luck is pretty low that you’ll be getting any business, at least through Google.

Kristen M. Vaughn will be taking a closer look at various ranking factors and discussing how you can effectively use keywords to drive search traffic.

Read her article over on Search Engine Journal for all the details.

Scott Davenport

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