What Are The Different Ways To Use Twitter Polls For Marketing?

If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, you’ve probably noticed a number of people running polls from time to time. I’ve done it a number of times on my own personal Twitter account over the years. Twitter polls can really help glean valuable insights from others that you can use for your own business and marketing needs. Any company wants to know what they can do to attract and retain customers and clients in the future.

There are several benefits to using Twitter Polls including the following:

  1. They can make your page more engaging and interactive
  2. Twitter notifies participants when polls end automatically
  3. They offer an easy way to gather valuable information at no extra cost

(You can get more details on the above three here if you’re interested)

Other benefits includes giving you transparent feedback from customers, clients and followers, as well as being great tools for social listening to generate future blog content.

Neal Schaffer has eleven more ways on how you can use Twitter polls for marketing, so go check out his post over on his website!

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Scott Davenport

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