What Are The Best Tips For Improving Your Google Ads Relevance?

In the realm of PPC, you can always find ways to improve the searcher experience.

According to search user Eduardo P., access to information can really add value and efficiency to life:

“Being able to use search is a great way to be able to do a lot more in a smaller amount of time. It lets you find what you need immediately. It allows you to better understand things, to better seek information, to make better decisions about where you want to shop or eat. It enhances your life.”

This is why you should always to improve the relevance of your Google Ads. It’s all about the value you bring to the searcher. If you can catch their interest in this way, you will have a higher chance of getting that sales or conversion.

A way to do this, you will want to make sure your quality score is as good as possible, as it helps identify ways you can improve your ad relevance, landing page experience and CTR.

Check out Lisa Raehsler‘s post on Search Engine Journal to learn more.

Scott Davenport

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