What Are The 10 Best Sitemap Generators You Can Use For Faster, Better Crawls?

Sitemaps are a great tool for any SEO and webmaster. They are a blueprint of your website that can help search engines crawl and index all of your website’s content, as well as tell search engines which pages are on your site are the most important.

Although you aren’t REQUIRED to have a sitemap, it certainly wouldn’t hurt your SEO efforts. A great time to have a sitemap would include when you have a brand new site and a few external backlinks currently available, or when you are running an ecommerce website that would have upwards of a million or more pages. This is where having a sitemap would become incredibly useful.

Basically, having a sitemap will help the search engines tell what pages are important since it’s not guaranteed that Google or Bing WILL crawl your site.

If you decide that a sitemap is good addition to your site, but you’re not sure how to create one, it’s all good, because there is a slew of sitemap generators to choose from. Because that selection can be overwhelming, Winston Burton has made a list of the 10 best sitemap generators you can use, which can be found over on Search Engine Journal.

Check it out here to help narrow done your choices to the best ones.

Scott Davenport

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