What Are Some Important On-page SEO Elements? (Infographic)

Are you in need of getting faster SEO results? One of the best places to start is making on-page SEO changes on your website. By doing this for your site, you will be able to improve both Google’s vision of your content and your website user experience.

According to SEMrush, you’ll want to start of with a select set of pages from your site to begin an audit with. Once the audit is done, you can figure out what you should be optimizing on those pages. By making all the appropriate changes you need, you will see a huge change to how Google shows those pages.

So, what are some of the most important on-page SEO elements you should take a look at?

SEMrush created an infographic that will help show us the most important elements you’ll want to focus on.

Fore more info, check out SEMrush’s blog post here.


Scott Davenport

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