What Are Some Important Image SEO Tips You Should Know?

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I think all of us does this. When you’re creating a new blog post or web page for your site, you want to put a shiny new image to spruce things up, right? Of course! A good image can make anything look better, especially when compared to a page that is full of pure text.

So what do you do? You find an image from a stock photography site, upload it to your site’s backend, post it to the appropriate page, and boom, you’re good.

On one hand, yes, it can make it look better, but it’s very possible that you’re slowing down your page’s loading speed. Not only that, search engines aren’t able to read anything about it. You need to have alt text to accompany that image.

What factors are important to make sure your images are both findable and don’t make that page slow down to a crawl? Search Engine Journal has a post by Anna Crowe where she shares 11 important image optimization tips that you should know.

Read the post here over at Search Engine Journal.

Scott Davenport

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