What Are Some Best Practices That Will Help You Create The Perfect Blog Post Format?

Blogging has grown quite a lot over the last year in popularity. A simple Google search will show you exactly big blogging has become. Anything you search for, regardless of topic, you’ll undoubtedly find at least one blog or blog post about it. And, as blogging keeps getting bigger, the expectations of it will also continue to grow as well.

Because of its popularity, people will jump into the blogging game without taking the time to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of blogging and how to use it. They’ll soon find that trying to write about their topics can be quite difficult. Not only do you have to worry about thinking ahead when it comes to creating and following an editorial calendar, you have to worry about the competition from other bloggers.

The point to creating a great blog post is to keep people on your website as much as possible, but of course, that can be difficult. You have to deal with the fact that over half of the people who visit your site tend to stay on your page for less than 15 seconds.

So how do you keep people on your page? You need to have the perfect blog post format for writing your blog content.

Neal Schaffer has complied a list of 11 best practices that will help your improve your blog, which you can check out over on his website right here. He’ll show you how you can template your blog post format in a way where it’ll make your blog post creation process more efficient.

Scott Davenport

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