What Are 6 Ways You Can Engage With Your Organic Search Traffic On Social Media?

Building an online audience that want to consume and engage with your social media content can be difficult, and can feel like it takes forever to do. Doing paid content makes things easy, but that content organically isn’t as simple.

Although there’s a lot of pressure to spend money on a brand’s audience, it’s important to understand that both paid and social media are need to be successful.

In regards to organic traffic, there might be better ways to engage with your organic search traffic and your social media content!

Search Engine Journal Has created a six step process that’ll help you engage your organic search traffic on social media, while expanding your organic search reach using Facebook lookalike audiences.

Here are the six steps:

  1. Perform keyword research.
  2. Create a piece of content (for this example, it will be a blog).
  3. Get some organic traffic to that piece of content.
  4. Set up your social media pixel and pixel the people who read the content article.
  5. Create a Facebook lookalike audience.
  6. Serve social media ads to that audience.

Check out Search Engine Journal’s article where you can read up on each step in detail.

Scott Davenport

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