What Are 21 Practical Blogging Tips For Beginners?

Is blogging still relevant these days? According to the numbers, it would seem that blogging is still very relevant. Since 42% of the web is build on WordPress alone, and there are 70 million new posts being uploaded each month, blogging can be, and probably is, a prominent part of your marketing strategy. If that doesn’t convince you, 90% of businesses used blogs to help market their brands within the last 12 months.

If you’re interested in getting started in the blogging world, but you’re not sure how to, SEMrush has your back.

Even if you trip and stumble a few times learning what it takes to create a successful blog, it’s all good. SEMrush created a post where they provide 21 tips that you can use to get your blog started, as well as how you can maintain it once it really gets going.

They discuss the following tips:

  1. Start with identifying the primary goals for your blog
  2. Find the right niche to match your expertise
  3. Run a competitive marketing analysis
  4. Choose a blogging platform and take care of technical foundations
  5. Read every day
  6. Build a content strategy
  7. Find high-efficiency topics for your blog
  8. Establish a posting schedule and write consistently
  9. Write for your readers first
  10. Create enticing titles to increase CTRs
  11. Make your content more readable and actionable
  12. Analyze search intent before writing each blog post
  13. Focus on sharing real-life expertise and unique research
  14. Collaborate with experts, influencers, and other bloggers
  15. Include external sources and work on interlinking
  16. Take time to edit your blog posts
  17. Work on a distribution and promotion strategy
  18. Create conversion paths and build an email list
  19. Track content performance and be patient
  20. Refresh and Repurpose older content
  21. Create a quality control process and use it for every article

Make sure to check out SEMrush’s post now for a breakdown of each point!

Scott Davenport

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