What 8 Experiments Could Help Improve Your Organic Traffic?

Organic search traffic is what separates your website from your competition. It’s easy to spend money on SEO and PPC advertising (especially if you’re a larger company with a larger budget), but it can take time and effort in order to get organic search traffic.

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend on PPC, you’ll have to think of different ways to gain traffic to your site. If only you knew the Google search algorithm, then things would be easy.

But you know Google doesn’t really want you know the specifics of their algorithm. They don’t want to take a chance that you could be a bad actor. This is why we aren’t told the specifics of every new Google update released.

Since we’re left to fend for ourselves, all we can do is experiment to see if you can improve your organic traffic, and what doesn’t.

Search Engine Journal created a list of 8 experiments you can mess around with to see what affects the ranking of your site:

  1. SEO Title
  2. SEO Meta Description
  3. Internal Anchor Text
  4. Schema Markup
  5. Images
  6. Headers
  7. Word Count
  8. URL

Check out their post for details on each of these experiments to see if they’re something you want to use in your attempts to improve your traffic.

Scott Davenport

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