Understanding 14 Types Of Google Ads Extensions And What They Do

Are you utilizing Google Ads for your digital marketing? If so, you are probably wanting to find a number of ways to boost the performance of your ads’ performance. After all, you want more high quality clicks from your target audience.

Ad Extensions are useful to any marketer, as explained by Google:

“By adding more content to your ad, extensions give your ad greater visibility on the search results page. This means you tend to get more value from your ad. Extensions often increase your total number of clicks and can give people additional interactive ways of reaching you, such as through maps or calls.”

But it’s challenging to get the kinds of clicks that will be beneficial to your business. It can take a lot of time and energy finding the right kind of strategy to get what you want. This is why utilizing Google Ad Extensions is a good thing.

Brian Frederick will help guide you through 14 different types of Ad Extensions where he will help you not only understand them better, but to optimize them for better results. His post on Search Engine Journal will help you reach maximum performance and get more value for the money spent.

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