Uncover Your True Local Competitors with Google Maps and SEMRush

The B2B HVAC service landscape is fiercely competitive, driven by online searches and local SEO. To stand out, you need to understand your local competitors. This knowledge is key to crafting effective marketing strategies and ultimately beating the competition.

In this eye-opening video, Brian Harnish, a seasoned expert in local SEO, will guide you through the process of identifying your true local SEO rivals using Google Maps and Semrush’s powerful Listing Management tool. Whether you’re a B2B HVAC business owner eager to outshine your competition or an agency dedicated to elevating your client’s local presence, this video is your roadmap to success.

Here’s what the video covers:

  • Benefits of Knowing Who Your Local Competitors Are
  • Set Up a Listing
  • Who Are Your Local Competitors?
  • Tracking Keywords

By watching this insightful video, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the local SEO landscape, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and implement effective strategies to outperform your B2B HVAC competitors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of local SEO success. Click the play button below and let Brian guide you through the eye-opening world of identifying and outmaneuvering your true local rivals.

Scott Davenport

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