The Psychology of Social Sharing: Why HVAC Businesses Should Care About What People Share

Social media has become an indispensable tool for HVAC businesses to reach customers and promote their brand. But what drives people to share content online in the first place?

Understanding the psychology behind social media sharing can help HVAC companies create more shareable content. According to an insightful infographic from Haiilo, there are five main reasons people share online:

1. To Bring Valuable Content to Others

Sharing useful, interesting, and entertaining content provides value to others. HVAC companies can create and share content that educates or helps their audience.

2. To Define Themselves

By sharing content that aligns with their beliefs and values, people shape their online identity. HVAC companies can create content that connects with their target audience’s values.

3. To Get and Stay Connected

Sharing content from people we relate to helps build connections. HVAC companies can share user-generated content like testimonials to foster connections.

4. For Self-Fulfillment

Sharing helpful information satisfies our need for meaning. HVAC companies can share DIY tips and advice to help others.

5. To Support Causes and Brands

Sharing content from brands and causes we believe in demonstrates support. HVAC companies can share updates on achievements and news.

The infographic also outlines the kinds of content people share across four categories:

  1. Entertaining
  2. Inspiring
  3. Educational
  4. Convincing

HVAC companies should aim for a mix of content across these categories.

There are also generational differences in what people share online. Baby Boomers favor sharing world news, especially in the mornings. Gen Xers tend to share health and wellness content, more often in the evenings. Millennials are most likely to share the latest technology content, frequently during working hours. HVAC companies should tailor content topics and timing based on their target generations.

Understanding the psychology behind social sharing can help HVAC businesses create content strategy that drives more shares, engagement, and brand awareness. The key is crafting content tailored to your audience that satisfies their core motivations for sharing online.

Check out the infographic below for more detail.

Scott Davenport

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