The Psychology Of Color In Marketing (Infographic)

We know that not a lot of people think about it often, but color theory is a topic of complexity and nuance, and color psychology in marketing and branding is usually represented in infographics (ironic since this is an infographics post).

Because we don’t really go beyond the surface-level discussions on the topic, we typically don’t really know how we use the color spectrum to convey the message we want to sent, as a business, to our audience.

Because different colors can trigger a variety of psychological responses, the smart use of color can have quite an impact on how others perceive your brand. If done poorly, something as simple as color can actually drive away potential customers and clients.

The team over at LuxurySoCalRealty created the following infographic that shows all the ways something as simple as color can and should be used in marketing.

The infographic covers the following:

  • The power of color in marketing
  • What color does to the human brain
  • How color can make or break your marketing efforts
  • Colors that can maximize your marketing value

Source – Social Media Today

Scott Davenport

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