The Power of Employee Advocacy, and How to Establish Your EA Program (Infographic)

Did you know that having an employee advocacy program can work wonders for your HVAC business?

What is an employee advocacy program and why it is a good idea? Simply put, it’s the promotion of your company by the people who work for it. It’s a marketing tactic that is both strategic and sustainable that helps to encourage employees to share brand values and messages in an organic way so that many people across the different social media platforms will can see just what the employees think of the company they’re employed by.

No matter how much you do as a marketer boosting messages about your brand and company, employees are your key form of communication through Facebook, Twitter, and the like. This will allow for an incredible level of brand outreach for any company!

The team from PAN Communications created this overview of effective EA strategies to help get you thinking about your own program.

Check out the infographic listing below. 

Employee advocacy infographic

Source – Social Media Today

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