The Biggest Milestones In B2B Social Media (Infographic)

It’s crazy to think that the first social media site to reach a million monthly active userbase was MySpace, all the way back in 2004. This is what many would argue to be the start of social media as we know it today.

Now we have the likes of Facebook, whose platform is now seeing 2.4 billion users. We don’t even need to get get started with Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any of the big players in the social media game.

Are you interested in finding out how social media has adapted since the days of MySpace and where it’s going now?

Oktopost provide a brief history of B2B social media in the following infographic.

The infographic goes over the following miilestones:

  • When each platform was born
  • Ads platform launches
  • The rise of visual and video content

Source – Social Media Today

Scott Davenport

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