The 12 Biggest SEO Mistakes You’re Making on Your Homepage

It’s easy to make mistakes. It’s human nature, after all. You accidently say the wrong thing, you spill your coffee in the morning, you put that red sweater in washing machine with your whites, and now you have pink shirts instead.

The same thing can happen with your website’s homepage. There are plenty of things that could have been done incorrectly. Unfortunately, these mistakes can prevent people from converting.

John Lincoln, an SEO expert, will share some of the simplest mistakes that you can fix on your homepage to boost conversions.

Here are the biggest SEO mistakes you can make on your homepage that he covers in the following video:

  1. You’re trying to be too many things to too many people – instead be clear on who you are and your offer
  2. You’re not using our 7 second test – make sure you explain who you are, what you do, and how you’re different, then provide a valuable offer with a clear CTA
  3. You’re not showing a human’s face – put real people on your website to give your business a human value
  4. You don’t have a video – create a video that describes how your service or product solves customer pain points
  5. You’re not showing social proof – bring your website to life with legitimacy and real reviews
  6. You’re too focused on design – make sure your design encourages conversions by resembling your business
  7. Your images or videos are too big – videos and images that are too big will mess up your page load speed
  8. You’re not showing your awards – when people see that you’ve been rewarded for your hard work, it builds trust
  9. You’re not showing off your case studies – create a panel on your homepage with case studies
  10. You’re not prepared. You don’t have a heatmap, exit survey, or self-chatbot – make use of all the technology to understand why some customers leave.
  11. You don’t have documentation of a cookie policy, privacy policy, or ADA Compliance – be clear and transparent on how you collect and plan to share information.

Scott Davenport

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