Social Media Hashtag Strategy For 2023

I’m sure you are familiar with the term hashtag. A hashtag is a label that people use on social media to make it easier to locate information on a particular piece of information or theme. It’s created by putting the “#” symbol in front of a word or words without spaces.

There will be some who say that hashtags aren’t all that important, but they can serve a great purpose in this day and age of social media. users are able to quickly get bogged down by copious amounts of information. But using hashtags allows you to easily cut through digital clutter and focus on the information you really want. They’re typically used on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Vistacreate has post that discusses the topic of hashtags, the reasons why you want to leverage them for your content, as well as tips on how you can use them on a variety of different platforms.

Here’s what they discuss:

  • Top 5 reasons to leverage hashtags for your content 
  • The basics of an Instagram hashtag strategy 
  • The essentials of a TikTok hashtag strategy 
  • The fundamentals of a Twitter hashtag strategy 
  • The principles of a YouTube hashtag strategy 
  • The foundations of a Pinterest hashtag strategy 
  • The essentials of a Facebook hashtag strategy 
  • How to find trending hashtags for different social media   

Make sure to check out the post here on Vistacreate!

Scott Davenport

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