Revitalizing Your Agency: Insights and Strategies For Scaling Down Clients, Teams and More

Are you considering revitalizing your agency? Are you intrigued by the process of modifying your client roster or reorganizing your agency teams? In this exclusive interview by Social Media Examiner, Brooke engages in a dynamic conversation with Jillian Vorce, where they delve into the essential insights for effectively downsizing and restructuring your marketing agency.

The Social Media Examiner team covers the following key topics in this video:

  1. Determining the Factors that Inform the Decision to Downsize
  2. Transitioning from Reactive to Proactive Approaches in Downsizing
  3. How Downsizing Supports and Catalyzes Agency Growth
  4. Valuable Advice for Managing Your Team and Clients during the Downsizing Process

Prepare to be inspired and informed as the Jillian Group takes center stage in 2023, bringing you fresh perspectives and strategies to revitalize your agency.

Scott Davenport

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