Microsoft Releases AI That Helps Interpret And Correct Searcher Spelling Errors

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It shouldn’t be surprising how easy it is to misspell things in life, let alone online. According to an announcement from Microsoft Blog, about 15% of search queries have spelling errors. Can you imagine, a potential business is searching for something regarding ‘HVACK’, and you end up getting results about computer hacking instead of HVAC. That would be bad.

To help correct these spelling errors, the folks over at Bing launched their Speller100, which was made to help reduce the number of incorrect search results coming from search AI misunderstanding queries that have been misspelled.

This new addition to the AI will correct the spelling errors of queries in over 100 languages, which should help make the search results in Bing become more relevant for the searcher.

Read the announcement here.

Scott Davenport

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