Microsoft Advertising Will Treat Phrase Matching The Same Way Google Ads Does

According to an announcement by Microsoft, phrase matching will be expanding by the middle of May to include broad match modifier traffic. Google chose to announce the same thing for their own search engine earlier this year.

The reason why Microsoft chose to do the same thing as Google is to make adoption as easy as possible since many people are also using Google Ads as well.

With the new way Microsoft will be treating phrase matching, that means that advertisers will be able to save time when it comes to managing keywords.

According to Microsoft:

“The new phrase match will show ads on searches that include the meaning of your keyword, such as matching the query “winter vacation in Miami” to the keyword “Miami vacation.” The new match type will also respect keyword order when it’s important—for example, it won’t match “milk chocolate” to the keyword “chocolate milk.””

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Scott Davenport

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