LinkedIn Shares New Research on Changing Approaches to Branding (Infographic)

Thanks to COVID, we have been dealing with a lot of changes over the last two years, from social distancing and wearing face masks to how and where we do our work. We are seeing more people do their jobs from home, rather than going into the office to do the same thing.

Because of these changes, we are seeing new trends in recruitment, as well as prospective employee expectations. We also see the use of online outlets increasing since we are doing more shopping from home and online, instead of doing it in person in a brick and mortar store.

Recently, LinkedIn released a brand new infographic that covers the value of branding from a number of different perspectives, and how these they are becoming integrated with how we brand our businesses, all thanks to the pandemic.

LinkedIn has published more about this in its ‘Great Reshuffle’ guide, while it’s also shared an overview of the key notes in the below infographic.


Source – Social Media Today

Scott Davenport

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