LinkedIn Has Launched A Podcast Network Aimed At Professional Audiences

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LinkedIn has launched their own podcast network, titled LinkedIn Podcast Network. the pilot program is going to include a variety of different topics such as tech, mental health, and much much more.

The company’s aim is to lure more professional creators to the platform where podcast hosts can further connect with audiences on LinkedIn.

We are finding more and more podcasts these days aimed at professional audiences, and having the ability to host your these types of podcasts on LinkedIn could really help out your brand, especially for the likes of B2B brands. These kinds of podcasts will probably do a lot better on this platform compared to Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

If you want to join, there is a lead form you can fill out, so you can have a chance to join other podcasts on the LinkedIn Podcast Network.

With this brand new podcast network, that means that your B2B HVAC brand could find even more reach if you extended your reach into LinkedIn’s podcasting network. It’s something that you should definitely look into if you want to create a podcast, or you already have one!

Source – Search Engine Land

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