Lean into Email in 2022: An Interview with iContact’s Hank Hoffmeier


In the future, a number of experts believe that email marketing is going to have improved automation, more relevant messaging, more cross-channel integration, and more personalization.

Data has suggested that even with all the forms of standard and digital communications we have at the tip of our fingers, we still like using email, mainly because it is generally an easier form of communication, such as Facebook Messaging, Twitter, and the like. It also shows that people enjoy getting email because their inboxes are a sort of refuge that represents a quite corner of the internet where they can talk to you on their own terms, on their own time.

Miriam Ellis was able to sit down with the Strategic Insights Manager at iContact, Hank Hoffmeier, where he discusses both tips and today’s trends that will make 2022 the year you focus on email of the future.

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Scott Davenport

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