Japanese Philosophies Can Enhance HVAC Business Practices

More than likely, you started an HVAC business because you love the industry, and not because of the business operations. As your company grows, the focus of every business owner will inevitably shift from the love of the service to serving the employees and clients.

That’s when you really begin seeing the importance of making sure you do the best you can in regards to holding on to the best business practices for your business and industry.

But for some people in different regions and countries, customs and practices can vary quite differently from each other. This was the situation when Mark Matteson‘s family moved to Tachikawa, Japan. The work time practices that they learned formed who Mark was as he grew up there.

In a post over on ACHR, he writes about how Japanese business philosophy can help improve the way the HVAC industry works.

Check it out here!

Scott Davenport

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