Is Language A Google Ranking Factor?

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Something that I think many SEOs don’t always think of as a ranking factor would be language. Do you think that if you write your web pages, landing pages and blog posts in a certain language, you’ll get a better ranking? Does language really matter?

Naturally, if the goal of your business is to reach people who speak a particular language or languages, your content should be written for those languages.

If you choose to write your content for English speakers, your site won’t rank very well for other language markets, such as Spanish, Chinese, French, and others.

If you run an HVAC business, and you offer your services to clients who speak more than a single language, you might want to be sure you get content written in all of the appropriate languages.

But a good question remains – can using different languages really affect your organic search rankings? Kristi Hines wrote a post on Search Engine Journal where she lets us know if Google considers language as a ranking factor.

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Scott Davenport

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