Is HVAC Necessary For Correctional Facilities?

Have you ever spent the night in a hotel room where the AC or heat wasn\’t working, and you were just miserable? You\’re either freezing or sweating, you just feel miserable. During the morning after, you probably woke up cranky, and just not in a good mood.

Think of how the people in prisons probably feel if the correctional facility that they are stationed at isn\’t working. Whether you think they deserve this or not, it\’s still not fun for those who have to stay there during their time there, especially if they\’re just trying to do their time.

Inadequate conditions in your home, office, or travel lodging can be intolerable. Imagine, then, the impact similar inadequacies might have on a “captive” population that has limited resources for complaining when it is disgruntled … such as jail or prison inmates.

This is why it\’s important that you analyze the correctional facility system and make sure that it\’s working. You don\’t want already frustrated inmates feeling even more irritated simply because of a heating or cooling issue.

It\’s a good idea to consider this as something you want to focus on, especially if you are company that supplies products and/or services to a correctional facility.

Check out this ACHR article for more information.

Scott Davenport

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