Instagram Shares Ad Planning Tips (Infographic)

If you’re marketing your HVAC business on any sort of platform, you know that planning is an important part of it. You don’t just put up ads wily nily, you have to put some planning and thought into it – it’s a bit of a crucial element to any marketing campaign.

Instagram marketing is an untapped promotional resource for a lot of HVAC companies. You\’re likely to see many more advertising on Facebook, but haven\’t thought about or won\’t advertise on Instagram.

Instagram has a lot of benefits that HVAC advertisers can take advantage of. It\’s all about the quality of your content, and not quantity, so there\’s no pressure to post everyday, as it won\’t make you look like you\’re spammy.

The benefits that Instagram can provide any Instagram marketing campaign includes:

  1. Instagram can help you increase cross-channel engagement by using Instagram photos on your site
  2. Instagram is one of the best social channels for building your brand, thanks to high engagement
  3. Instagram has the potential for user-generated content built in which can be very effective at growing relevant traffic and sales

Instagram for Business recently shared some quick tips to help keep your ad efforts on track, as well as some important fundamental process pointers which will help get you pointed in the right direction for your Instagram ad strategy.

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Check out this infographic to see Instagram’s ad planning tips.


Scott Davenport

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