Optimize Your SEO Strategy Using This Comprehensive 44 Key Point Checklist

While it\’s true that generative AI is has really been kicking up dirt (not in a bad way) in the world of digital marketing, traditional SEO is still standing strong, continuing to be an essential component of the marketer\’s playbook. Major players like Google and Microsoft have already incorporated AI-generated responses in their search results, but despite that, it\’s important that we maintain a balance between AI and SEO best practices to optimize website traffic.

Although AI can be a powerful tool for content creation, data analysis, and customer experience, over-reliance on it could jeopardize the relevance of your content and your business\’s ranking in the SERPs. To ensure that your SEO process remains effective and your content maintains its ranking, SEMrush has created an infographic checklist that you can refer to.

You can access the SEMRush website for more tips and information, or simply check out the infographic for a quick reference. It\’s essential to strike a balance between using AI and maintaining traditional SEO practices to optimize your business\’s marketing plan.


Scott Davenport

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