HVAC Contractors Explain Why Employees Are Leaving

Last year, according to the US bureau of Labor Statistics claimed that over 47 million American left their jobs voluntarily in what would become known as The Great Resignation. It seemed that no business was immune to this worker shortage, as workers began to rise up against what they felt are unfair work conditions laid upon them by their employers. The catalyst of this shift in paradigm shift was a combination of COVID-19 and retiring baby boomers.

Because the HVAC industry was already dealing with a high turnover rate, The Great Resignation is just exacerbating the issue even further. According to Ted Craig over on his article on ACHR, a key issue is simply the workload laid in front of workers. With the crazy amount of hours that they are dealing with, they are getting fed up. They feel that they aren\’t able to spend enough time with family or their own interests outside of work.

But how do HVAC Contractors find the right balance of hours, all while providing support, for their employees? How do they find the correct equilibrium to maximize employee retention?

Check out Ted\’s post to find out about his opinion on the matter.

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