How To Structure Your CRM Marketing Process (Month To Month)

What is the structure of CRM?

CRM is the organization structure design for two-sided relation to customer. CRM is divided by 3 major section including operational, analytical and relational. CRM can be considered in two trade & work and cost views.

CRM data structure is important for a number of reasons. There’s more accountability for workers when the systems in place are saturated with data and work properly. If something goes wrong, they’ll know where to look and how to fix it so it never happens again.

Data structure is vital for many business reasons as well, including:

  • Quicker and easier access to data for customer-facing workers.
  • A shared source of truth for better accountability.
  • Comprehensive, reliable reporting and analytics on processes.
  • Structured CRM data means fewer overlapping systems and open tabs.
  • GDPR, other data regulations, and audits are adhered to easily.
  • Personalized, segmented, manual outreach to leads and customers.
  • Customer context at your fingertips, all the time.
  • Automatic email campaigns are better personalized with mail merge.

Now that living in the age of CRM marketing, thanks to the move to first-party data, John Lincoln Ignite Visibility CEO, will provide you with a month-by-month plan for your CRM marketing program.

Months 1-2:

  • Overall Goals – How do you apply new technology?
  • Organize your Database – How are you organizing your customers? How are they entering your database? What kind of lead are they?

Months 3-4:

  • Design a hypothesis to test your scenarios
  • Report on results and phase out ones that performed poorly
  • Add new scenarios over time

Months 5-6

  • Use your learnings to replicate successful scenarios
  • Launch more scenarios

Months 6-12

Formalize your framework, so you consistently have new hypotheses every month, you’re running new tests, you’re focused on reporting, and you are growing your business with this self-improving framework to convert more leads.

Scott Davenport

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