How To Set Up Your Performance Max Campaigns The Right Way

Google’s Performance Max campaigns where released a year ago, in November 2021, and by now, many people have been given the chance to get used to the new campaign type.

In case you’ve been left out of the loop, or just haven’t gotten much experience with it, what exactly are Performance Max campaigns?

According to Google, \”Performance Max is a new goal-based campaign type that allows performance advertisers to access all of their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign.\”

Now, more and more people are really getting into this newer goal-based ad campaign format, since it helps target customers that have the highest likelihood to convert. Performance Max campaigns are an inviting option if you\’re looking to enhance your search campaigns.

“It’s a new goal-based campaign that aims to increase online sales, generate more leads and drive more store visits to physical business locations,” said Rodney Ip, global product lead of Google Ads, at SMX Next. “It’s designed to run alongside keyword-based search campaigns so you can easily drive more conversions across the full range of search, display, YouTube, Gmail, and Discover formats, all from a single campaign.”

But even if you\’ve been using these campaigns since it launched the beta, you still may not using it in quite the right way. But how do you use it right? What could you be doing to not utilizing it to the best of its features?

Menachem Ani has written up a Search Engine Land post where he will help you set it up to maximize them!

Check out his post over here and find out!

Scott Davenport

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