How To Properly Vet Your PR Prospects

Public relations is important for many businesses, because it allows you to build an online presence across a number of platform, such as social media, earned media, paid media, etc. Advertising and marketing can only take you so far. If you focus on just those two things too much, it can end up having the opposite effect that you’re looking for. With public relations, you can really help tell a story.

In this video, Ignite Visibility CEO, John Lincoln, will show us how to properly vet your PR outreach list.

He shows us four steps we should take in the process:

  1. Relevancy
  2. Site Quality
  3. Spam Score
  4. Rank Well Inside of Google
  5. Relevancy
  6. Site Quality
  7. Spam Score
  8. Rank Well Inside of Google

Scott Davenport

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