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Did you know that having a dedicated content marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways of growing your organic search traffic? Yup! 60% percent of marketers utilize a content marketing strategy in order to attract qualified visitors to their website.

Even though content marketing is a big thing, it seems that about 34% of bloggers check their analytics in order to track the success of their content.

This can be concerning, as you want to track your content on a regular basis to make sure you know where things are and where they’re going.

What’s content engagement?

Content engagement is when a visitor takes some kind of action on a given piece of content or web page. This action sends a signal (whether it be Google, a website or social platform) that the content the visitor was viewing was relevant to your audience. There are several types of metrics that will indicate when someone engages with your content, such as page views, comments, bounce rate, goal conversion rate, and more.

It should go without saying that measuring your content engagement is an important part of your job as a marketer.

In this episode of

Whiteboard Friday, analytics expert Dana DiTomaso summarizes her MozCon 2022 presentation by sharing the four things you should focus on to make sure your metrics are giving you the best picture of your content’s quality.

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