How to Improve Your Core Web Vitals on Google

Having a strong online presence is crucial for HVAC businesses to attract new customers in today’s digital world. One important factor that impacts your website’s performance on Google is core web vitals – metrics that measure key aspects of user experience. Optimizing for core web vitals can help your HVAC website load faster, respond quicker, and provide a smoother experience for visitors.

In this post, White Shark Media explains what core web vitals are and why they matter for your HVAC business’s website. You’ll learn practical steps to speed up page load times, minimize lag when interacting with elements, and prevent sudden layout shifts as pages load.

By making improvements to your site’s core web vitals, you can enhance user experience and satisfaction. This will signal to Google that your HVAC website offers a high-quality experience worthy of better rankings. The result is more organic traffic, leads, and new customers finding your business online. Follow along as we break down key optimizations to boost your HVAC website’s core web vitals and performance.

Scott Davenport

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