How To Diagnose A Drop In Website Traffic

Have your recently seen a noticeable drop in website traffic or a drop in your organic rankings?

A big and sudden drop in organic traffic an be caused by a number of things, including:

  1. Algorithm updates
  2. Tracking errors
  3. Robots.txt rules
  4. Redirects
  5. Crawl errors
  6. Ranking losses
  7. XML sitemap changes
  8. Manual penalties
  9. De-indexing
  10. Cannibalisation
  11. SERP layout changes
  12. Website Redesign
  13. Changing Your Website CMS
  14. Changes To An SEO/Linkbuilding Campaign
  15. Competitors Updating Or Producing Better Content
  16. Google Algorithm Changes
  17. Google Manual Actions Or Penalties

It can be challenging to know where to start diagnosing a drop in website traffic, but Elevate Digital show you the process of elimination you can go through to pinpoint why your website traffic is decreasing.

Scott Davenport

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