How To Diagnose A Drop In Website Traffic

Have your recently seen a noticeable drop in website traffic or a drop in your organic rankings?

A big and sudden drop in organic traffic an be caused by a number of things, including:

  1. Algorithm updates
  2. Tracking errors
  3. Robots.txt rules
  4. Redirects
  5. Crawl errors
  6. Ranking losses
  7. XML sitemap changes
  8. Manual penalties
  9. De-indexing
  10. Cannibalisation
  11. SERP layout changes
  12. Website Redesign
  13. Changing Your Website CMS
  14. Changes To An SEO/Linkbuilding Campaign
  15. Competitors Updating Or Producing Better Content
  16. Google Algorithm Changes
  17. Google Manual Actions Or Penalties

It can be challenging to know where to start diagnosing a drop in website traffic, but Elevate Digital show you the process of elimination you can go through to pinpoint why your website traffic is decreasing.

Scott Davenport

Scott Davenport is the content writer and social media man of Thrive Business Marketing and Thrive HVAC in Portland Oregon. Writing about the current events of the SEO world, as well as tips and advice that fellow SEOs could use to improve their own SEO campaigns and shares it for the whole world to see!

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