How To Build A Facebook Ads Dashboard In Google Data Studio

What is a Facebook Ads Dashboard?

Simply put, a Facebook Ads is a visual representation of all the metrics and KPIs that come from your Facebook advertising data. It can provide you with useful insight on your campaign performance, letting you monitor your social media ROI. The dashboard lets you easily monitor your data, letting you answer questions like:

  • How are my ads performing each day? 
  • How many clicks do our ads receive each day?
  • How many people are we reaching with our ads?
  • Which ad is our highest performer? 
  • Are we over or under budget? 

Since Facebook Ads reporting can be difficult to deal with, creating a dashboard where all the important information is displayed can be a life saver. They can help you take your reporting to the next level.

Andrea Atzori has a column over on Search Engine Journal that will show you how you ca a Google Data Studio dashboard for your Facebook Ads performance reporting.

Check it out here!

Scott Davenport

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