How To Batch Create Your Social Media Content (Infographic)

When you create a social media marketing strategy, one of the important aspects of it is to make sure you are consistent with it. You want to post at a regular rate so that your audience can expect when they will be hearing from you on their platform of choice. Consistency will help keep them engaged and interested in what your brand has to offer.

But how easy is it to keep posting consistently? Honestly, it depends. If you have blog or news posts constantly being created for your site, and you are putting those up on social media every day, then that’s easy. But what if your social postings don’t include that sort of content? Creating content that you post on a regular basis can also be quite challenging.

Content creation can take time, and not everybody has that sort of time, especially with everything else going on that is required when running a business. So what can yo udo about it? How can you make an effective way to maintain consistency with content and social posting?

The team at Giraffe Social Media is here to help with an overview that has been presented in the below graphic. The infographic shows us a basic approach to batch content creation.

Batch Content Creation infographic

Source – Social Media Today

Scott Davenport

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