How To Add Admin On Facebook

As an owner of a small business (or a larger one for that matter), you know you can’t do it all.

This is why it’s important to have people under you in the form of employees to help get things done, right?

This is the same situation you’d find yourself in on Facebook. You can’t possible run everything by yourself. You can’t always create posts and Facebook Ads when they’re needed. This is why having admins are an important of your Facebook business page is a big deal.

If you’re unsure how to add admins to your Facebook page, LYFE Marketing will show you how to do that in the following video.

But you also want to be careful who you add ad admin to your page. What happens if you part ways with that admin? You don’t want to leave them with full access to your business page.

The video will also cover that situation, so make sure you watch!

Scott Davenport

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