How SEOs and HVAC Content Writers Can Work Better Together

SEOs and content writers play vital roles in the online marketing landscape, particularly in the HVAC business industry. HVAC SEOs specialize in optimizing websites to achieve favorable rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs), ensuring increased visibility for HVAC businesses. On the other hand, content writers are responsible for crafting compelling and informative content that appears on these HVAC websites.

However, there can be instances where these two crucial functions appear to clash. HVAC SEOs often prioritize keyword research and technical SEO aspects, while content writers concentrate on generating top-notch, engaging content for the HVAC industry. This divergence in focus can create a gap between the two teams, potentially hampering the overall success and performance of an HVAC business website.

Create good briefs

Purpose of the page
The key message
Keyword Clusters
Undo wrong thinking
Editorial and UGC

Impact on EEAT
Value and risks
Moderation and guides
Train the writers

How search works
Importance of relevancy
Keyword research tools
Search intent/SERP analysis
Getting buy-in

Dismiss “SEO copy”
What content needs SEO
Access to data
Impact of their work
SEO should impower


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