How Do You Use Python To Automate The Search Intent Clustering Of Keywords?

What is the importance of search intent? First, we need to be sure we know what search intent is. Search intent is when the user preforms a search on something like Google or Bing, where they are searching for a particular topic, answer, or resource.

For SEO,, there is a lot when it comes to search intent. It’s not just about what the user is looking for, it’s more than that. It includes other things like clustering based on semantic relevance and deep learning to infer search intent. Being able to understand search intent and the benefits behind it, there are things that you can do to help with scale and automation.

In a Search Engine Journal post, Andreas Voniatis walks us through the Python process of automating keyword clustering by search intent. It can be really useful to make sure potential clients are able to find what they are looking for when the do a search query.

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