How Do You Use Google Sheets For Web Scraping And Campaign Building?

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If you’ve been in doing SEO for a while now on your HVAC site, there’s a chance you had to extract data from a specific website or websites with the purpose of collecting data for ad creation content creation, among other things.

In this case, having a simple and clean way to import that data, such as with Google Sheets, is a great idea. With Google Sheets, you can edit, organize, and analyze all types of information. It can actually be regarded as a basic web scraper where you can use a specials formula to extract data from a webpage, import the data directly to google sheets.

Of course, doing scraping can be a tedious task if you’re doing everything manually, item by item, line by line. By doing it this way, you have a higher chance of making mistakes. On top of that, you’d have to spend even more time reviewing the ENTIRE thing and that can be a waste of valuable business time.

But, there might be a better way! Check out Search Engine Journals post where they talk about a fully automated, error-free, way to scrape data using Google Sheets to help simplify your campaign building.

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